Monday, September 17, 2007


Preparation for Baseline Essays - Fast Food Nation and Chew On This
Bring books tomorrow!

Submit summer free choice book essays.

REMINDER: If you missed the vocabulary quiz or supplies check
last Friday, due to absences or picture makeups, please see me to
get caught up. You may take your quiz Tuesday at lunch, or
Wednesday at lunch or after school, in room B207. On Wednesday
at 4pm, all missing quizzes will turn to Z's in Pinnacle.

If you are unhappy with your vocabulary quiz score, you must:
1) create a set of flashcards (word on one side, definition on the other)
2) see Pust at lunch or after school to make test corrections using
your flashcards.
Completing steps 1 and 2 successfully will raise your vocabulary
quiz score to a B.

HW: Prepare for baseline essay tomorrow. Bring notes you
took in class today and your FFN or Chew On This book.