Monday, March 3, 2008


Homework Check: Intro & 2 body paragraphs over "A Moment in History"

Lesson: Persuasive Essay Conclusions
Some ways to end a persuasive essay:

1) Call to action: What should we DO about this problem?
2) Give a sense of urgency: Why does this issue matter RIGHT NOW?
3) Address and refute a counterargument: What does the other side think, and what are some specific reasons that the other side is wrong? What does the other side fail to realize?
4) Explain how this relates to today's society: What does this issue say about America or about human nature in general?

Continue seminar on leaders

HW: Prepare for tomorrow's in class essay on leaders. You'll need to bring your article packets, seminar prep handout, and any notes or other handouts you wish to use. You will be expected to use the strategies I've taught in class (3-step intro, body paragraphs, conclusion types listed above) AND must use one piece of evidence from a text we have studied in class (either from The Odyssey or from one of the three articles) to support your thinking in addition to any other sources of evidence from your own experience or other readings that you choose to use.

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