Monday, September 29, 2008


Vocabulary warm-up: Black Boy vocabulary, unit I
Small group discussions about Chapter 1 of Black Boy
Have one person record the group's thinking, and address the following questions:
  • Which "episode" of Wright's life so far has shocked you most? Explain.
  • What do we learn about Richard's character in Ch. 1?
  • How is Richard similar to/different from his family and others in his community?
  • Is Richard's mother a good parent? Explain.
  • What seems to be Wright's attitude toward religion?
  • Why does Wright begin his life story with the recounting of the broom and the fire?
Writing: (8 minutes)
Write about a time when you got in big trouble and deserved it OR write about a time when you realized life was unfair.

HW: For Wednesday, read up to Chapter 2, page 68, to the break in the text, where it says, ".." Study for your vocabulary quiz, which will be next Tuesday, October 7. Remember to review your Enrique's Journey words in addition to learning your new words from Black Boy.

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