Monday, November 17, 2008

AGENDA 11/17

Quickwrite: What is Victor's family like? Describe his attitude toward his parents and their parenting style: what responsibilities do Victor's parents think they have toward their children? Is it better for parents to be strict and authoritative, or more friendly and permissive, to their children? What kind of parent would you want to be: strict, easygoing, protective, involved, etc.? Explain and discuss the advantages/disadvantages

Discuss Letter 4 and Chapters 1 & 2 in small groups and report out

As a whole class, begin discussing Elizabeth Lavenza as "the ideal woman": what traits does the "ideal woman" have in this time period? What is she like?

Introduce concept of character foils

HW: Read chapters 3 & 4. Pay particular attention to the two professors, Krempe and Waldman: what is each character like? How do these two professors differ in personality and in Victor's regard? How are the characters of Henry Clerval and Elizabeth similar to/different from Victor, and what might these differences suggest or imply?

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