Monday, December 1, 2008


Introduce Science, Medicine, or Technology Issues Researched Argument Paper Topics.

Computer Lab - begin amassing 12 sources for your Science, Medicine, or Technology Issues Researched Argument Paper. See Guidelines for the paper here.

Handout: Source Packet Grading Cover Sheet
12 sources must include six "special" sources:
2 published in 2008
1 from a non-commercial website (.org, .gov, .edu, etc.)
1 "experience" (a personal interview you conduct, a podcast or radio program you listen to, or a film or video or TV program you watch--see Guidelines for Experience Sources here)
1 "print" source (a photocopy or clipping from a newspaper, magazine, or book--NOT from the web, but from an actual musty book, magazine, or newspaper!)
1 chart, map, graph, table, editorial cartoon, photograph, painting, or other image related to your topic

All 12 sources will need to be annotated 5 or more times - you can write comments, questions, opinions, reactions, connections, reflections, relations between/among sources, identify possible quotations to use in your paper, and more. For the graph/chart/map, make sure your annotations help explain and interpret the information--what does it mean, suggest, or imply? For a photograph, cartoon, painting, or other "image," use some of your OPTIC techniques to comment on it. The experience source will not be annotated--follow the Guidelines to write your notes and/or reflection.

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