Thursday, February 14, 2008


Essay practice: Review the 3-step introduction for persuasive essays; practice writing an introduction for "Punishments or Rewards?" prompt

PERSUASIVE ESSAYS: 3-step Introduction Review
Audience: People who disagree with you or are undecided
So...start by making it seem like you're on their side!
1. Hook: write an anecdote (brief story to describe situation), statistic, or startling statement that makes it seem like you agree with the opposite position.
Ex.: Since the tardy policy was established, the number of tardies has decreased.
Ex.: Every day at 1:16, the bell rings and students return to class after lunch. Then it begins. Dozens of seagulls swarm the campus, scavenging over chip bag wrappers, half-eaten chili-cheese fries, spilled soda cans. It may seem like there's nothing

2. Word that signals change: Write a sentence that points out the flaw in the other side's position.
Ex.: however, while, yet, although, even though, but

3. Transition to your thesis: use an affirming transition and explain what you think should be done
Ex.: consequently, therefore, as a result, ultimately

HW: Write an introduction paragraph for the "What is right is not always popular" prompt.

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