Monday, February 25, 2008


Vocabulary warm-up #2: words from Book IX and X of The Odyssey
Lesson: Subtext
Subtext is the underlying meaning of a text--the character's motivations, emotions, or role. It's what the character is really thinking beneath what he or she actually says.
Scenarios for practicing subtext: pairs leave the room to practice their lines and develop appropriate emotions, gestures, and/or props for their performances. Then the partners return to the room and each performs their scene. After each pair performs, audience discusses: What were their roles? Motivations? Emotions? How do you know?

HW: Study for vocabulary quiz on Thursday over words from Book IX and Book X of The Odyssey. See me for extra help if you still don't understand how to write a 3-step introduction or a body paragraph for persuasive essays--we'll have an in-class timed essay on Friday!

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