Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AGENDA 10/28

Style Revision:

Sentence length- count the number of words in each sentence in one of your body paragraphs. Ensure that you have at least ONE short (7 to 11 words) or telegraphic sentence (1-6 words), several medium sentences (12 to 23 words) and ONE long sentence in that body paragraph. Revise as needed.

Punctuation- somewhere in your essay, use a colon (:), semicolon (;) or em dash (--). You're encouraged to try them all, but only one special punctuation mark is required.

Formatting: Remember to put headers in the upper right corner (Lastname 1) and your first page should have the following information on the upper left-hand corner:
First Lastname
Mrs. Jennifer Pust
English 10HP
30 October 2008
...like we discussed in class.

Also, come up with a Creative Title: Literal and Descriptive Subtitle in Richard Wright's Black Boy

...and make sure you have 1" margins and that the ENTIRE paper is double-spaced. Email me if you have questions.

HW: Study for vocabulary quiz tomorrow! Final draft of theme paper due Thursday.

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